Sadhguru Save Soil Documentary Film

As humanity struggles against climate change, conflict and unprecedented societal changes, the world’s leading climate and environmental scientists collaborate with Sadhguru to highlight an even greater threat, which can be transformed into a tremendous opportunity, if we act within the next few years.

Attenborough tells COP26 conference delegates: 'The world is looking to you'

Sir David Attenborough urged COP26 climate summit delegates to “turn tragedy into triumph” and tackle climate change.

Bloomberg Green: What Really Happens to Your Recycling?

Tesco says it’s cleaning up your plastic, but where is the waste really going? In this special magazine edition of Bloomberg Green, we look at how Britain’s biggest supermarket is tackling its plastic problem.

A world going hungry? How conflict and climate change disrupt global food supply | Business Beyond

Extreme weather events in Italy, Australia and Japan are believed by many to be linked to man-made climate change.

Overcoming Africa's Climate Challenges - Bloomberg Green

The continent of Africa is the most exposed to climate change, despite contributing a minimal amount to global carbon emissions. In this edition of Bloomberg Green, we look at the impact of climate change on Africa’s biodiversity, food security and economic growth and how governments are mitigating issues.

How Arizona is Turning into a Farmland Oasis

Southern Arizona is known for its desert climate, with very hot summers and mild winters. This climate has meant the region has been a hub for agricultural growth for thousands of years despite the fact rainfall has always been relatively low.

Bloomberg Green: Sustainable Vacations and the Rise of Ecotourism

If the 20th century saw the birth of international tourism, then the 21st century has seen the boom in ecotourism. In this edition of Bloomberg Green, we’ll look at the fastest-growing part of the travel industry: sustainable holidays.

UN scientists say it's 'now or never' to limit global warming - BBC News

UN scientists have unveiled a plan that they believe can limit the root causes of dangerous climate change.

How to SAVE SOIL🌍? Sadhguru Answers

Sadhguru explains what we as a generation can do to Save Soil and take part in this global mission.

We Debunk the Latest Corporate Climate Lie | NYT Opinion

Finally, corporations are jumping into action on climate change — or at least that’s what they’d like us to believe. Many of the world’s biggest and most polluting companies have recently promised to curb their carbon output.

Inventions of the future that will soon be available to everybody

13 inventions coming in the near future

Egypt plans to green its desert

Egypt is growing at two million people a year. Urban infrastructures can’t cope. Now, lawmakers are opting to create arable lands and new cities.

What Is the Most Sustainable City in the World?

We visited the world’s most sustainable cities to find out what is the most sustainable city in the world. In these green cities we found architecture & sustainable developments which are saving our future.

How the “lost cities” of the Amazon were finally found

Beginning in the late 20th century, archaeologists began looking more closely at the forest floor. Working with the indigenous people who still remained there, they excavated long ditches and mounds.

What *REALLY* happens to 'Recycled' Glass?! - (you might be surprised)

What really happens to Recycled Glass? Can Glass be recycled? How do I recycle glass? Today we answer all of these questions and more while supporting Team Seas.

Can desalination solve the global water crisis?

We have the desalination technology to transform seawater into freshwater. So why are we not using it to solve the global water crisis?

Solar 3.0: This New Technology Could Change Everything

Imagine an inexpensive solution of perovskite crystals that can make a photovoltaic cell so thin, that just half a cup of liquid would be enough to power a house. A solar panel so lightweight, that it can be balanced atop a soap bubble.

Vertical farms could take over the world | Hard Reset by Freethink

Vertical farming is a type of indoor farming where crops are grown in stacked layers, rather than spread out across large plots of land. These farms offer many benefits over traditional ones, including the prospect of better access to healthy foods in underserved communities.

NEOM | What is THE LINE?

What if we could start again? THE LINE rethinks everything we know about how people live, work and play. A 170 km-long vertical city, designed around people, rather than cars. A revolution in urban living.

The Huge, Weird Batteries of the Future

As the planet gets hotter, engineers are racing to find ways to store energy on a massive scale, clearing the way for a transition to renewable electricity.

We’re using our streets all wrong | Hard Reset by Freethink

The rise of the private automobile in American life and culture has dramatically changed how cities were designed, John Frazer, a mobility futurist, wrote for Forbes.

16 Inventions Getting Us Off Fossil Fuels

Much of the world’s energy is sourced from fossil fuels. However, there are several individuals and companies who have developed inventions to help get the world off of non-renewable energy.

Regenerative Farm Combines Ducks and Blueberries | Parc Carreg Duck Eggs, Wales

In this video, we visit Josh and Abi Heyneke from Parc Carreg Organic Duck Eggs in Wales, UK. Parc Carreg is a regenerative farm that focuses on so much more than just duck eggs, and his approach to producing sustainable food from the land is such an inspiration.

How are offices changing? | The Economist

The pandemic and hybrid working have changed the very idea of the office. This is not only changing the design and purpose of offices, but the look of cities too.

Self sustainable zero waste productive home in Melbourne demonstrates future

The 3-storey house is a humble 87m2, about ¼ of the size of an average Aussie dwelling, but it has big ambitions, to demonstrate a productive, sustainable & no-waste future.

The Return of the Bison: Europe’s Largest Wild Animal

This mighty bovine is Europe’s largest animal and is also a keystone species that plays a very important role in its ecosystem land is such an inspiration.

How This Electricity-Free Fridge Saved An Indian Ceramics Factory | Big Business

In 2001, the founder of Mitticool ceramics learned many of his customers in India don’t have regular access to electricity. So he invented a fridge made out of clay.